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CATZ – The Competitive Athlete Training Zone helps people of all ages and abilities realize their athletic potential. With training programs customized to your needs, CATZ will make you a complete athlete – with the speed, power, agility, balance, flexibility, mobility, coordination, and fitness required to perform at your highest level. You will not get a better workout than CATZ.

CATZ & True Star Summer Challenge

Summer is fast approaching and CATZ is offering one more CHALLENGE to prepare you for bathing suit season.  To help you look your best, we have partnered with Truestar Health to provide you with a comprehensive wellness program that includes the five pillars of health…nutrition, exercise, vitamins, attitude, and sleep.


Truestar has created an incredible, free web portal focused on personal wellness.  The Truestar Body Challenge is customizable to meet your specific goals and needs.  You will be able to work with Nick Santabarbara, our nutrition specialist, to set up your personal challenge.  He will guide you through Truestar’s website and help you determine the right mix of exercise, meal plans, and nutritional supplements.


The price of this challenge will be completely dependent on how detailed your nutritional supplement recommendations are from Truestar.  There will be no additional cost for CATZ services.

The beauty of this challenge is that besides for the first consult, you do not have to be in the facility. We understand that you may be away enjoying the summer, so we decided to post the “Workout of the day” on this website under CATZ Hub and Daily Session. Also, the True Star portal answer any and all questions you may have about the products.

Our Summer Challenge will kick off on Monday, June 17th when our summer schedule begins.  We will have members of the Truestar staff at CATZ on June 14th and 17th to offer product samples and information on their services.


Contact Nick at nsb@catzsports.com (or in person) to get enrolled in the CATZ/Truestar challenge.




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