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CATZ – The Competitive Athlete Training Zone helps people of all ages and abilities realize their athletic potential. With training programs customized to your needs, CATZ will make you a complete athlete – with the speed, power, agility, balance, flexibility, mobility, coordination, and fitness required to perform at your highest level. You will not get a better workout than CATZ.

There is still time for Pre-Season training!

There is still time for pre-season training!

Do you want to breeze through try-outs?
Do you want to impress your coach?
Make varsity?
Blow away the competition for your position?
Here is a great opportunity!

You still have a few more weeks to prepare yourself for fall sports pre-season practices and tryouts.  The staff at CATZ can help you “cram” and get ready to put your best foot forward.  

If you have been training all summer…terrific.  We can help you fine tune.

If not, we still have a short window to get you in shape.

Here is a link to our summer schedule CATZ Summer Training Schedule

Give us a call today (781) 449-2289 and schedule your training sessions.

The CATZ Staff







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