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Food Prep 101

One of the biggest reasons people fail at staying on track with their eating plan is that they don’t know how to plan ahead. Or, don’t want to put the effort in to plan ahead. I agree completely that it is time consuming to plan meals for the week, grocery shop for those foods, cook the food, then package those meals so that they are at your fingertips for the week. What I don’t agree with is when most people look at a situation such as this, and look the other way and say it’s not worth it. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the time spent preparing healthy and satisfying meals will not only help you stay on track and reach your ideal body, but it will cause you less stress during the week knowing you have food ready at home or work.

            The first step in making this whole thing work, is writing down what you want to eat during the week. As simple as this may be, it will give you direction at the grocery store so that you don’t wonder off to the aisles we do not speak off.  Also, it’s never a good thing to grocery shop hungry, or without a plan. If you’ve ever done this, you know why.  Once you have a plan on what you want to eat, follow your list as to what you need and nothing more, this will also prevent over eating.

            Grocery shopping in general can be difficult because of all the flashy food boxes and claims made on the packaging, but since you have a list/plan, none of this will affect you. If you find yourself being attracted to an aisle full on junk, keep in mind how hard you’ve worked and that no food is worth ruining your progress. These junk food aisles are typically located in the middle of the store with the most popular items being at eye level. Stay on the perimeter of the store so that your tempted by fruits, veggies, lean meats, and dairy as opposed to refined and processed crap.

            Once you’re home with all your good food, the fun can begin. You are only limited by your creativity when it comes to cooking healthy. It’s not all about boiled chicken and brussel sprouts when it comes too healthy eating. In fact, I have a whole CATZ Kitchen cookbook dedicated to nutritious and delicious foods made healthy! When cooking, I advise cooking in bulk, (so you have food for at least 3 days) then tupperwaring it. Grilling, baking, steaming, roasting, sautéing are all great options as ways to prepare your food. Again, cook what you need and nothing more. This will prevent you from over eating.

            Once the cooking stage is over, Tupperware your food and put it in the fridge. Now, when you’re ready to go to work the next morning, you simply pack your Tupperware for the day, and off you go. Stress free, care free, and bad food free.


Here is an example of what I do pretty much everyday:


Morning: Apple pre-workout, shake post workout.

Mid Morning- 1 bag of original oatmeal with 3 egg whites

Lunch: lean meat with ½ sweet potato and veggies

Mid Afternoon: handful nuts and 1 piece fruit

Dinner: Lean meat with veggies


            The best thing about this is that I never think about food other than what I have. I never have the urge to go out and get food because I don’t want to waste the food I spent time cooking. Not to mention the food I have is a much better option.

            I personally guarantee that prepping your food in this manner will pay off dividends in the short and long term for your health and body. It takes more time I agree, but you’ll be thankful you spent that time on it in the end.



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