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CATZ – The Competitive Athlete Training Zone helps people of all ages and abilities realize their athletic potential. With training programs customized to your needs, CATZ will make you a complete athlete – with the speed, power, agility, balance, flexibility, mobility, coordination, and fitness required to perform at your highest level. You will not get a better workout than CATZ.

Chemistry at CATZneedham

If you have been in and around the facility in the last few months, then you have undoubtedly heard me rambling about how I am taking chemistry courses to learn more about nutrition at the most basic level. I know for certain my fellow coaches are sick of hearing me talk about it, and if you have heard as well, then you most likely feel the same way. However, after giving it some thought, I started to think about what exactly chemistry is.  A past professor of mine said that if I could remember one thing about chemistry, it should be that all of chemistry, and life, is about positives (+), and negatives (-), and how we keep them in balance.

            It is important to keep in mind that I am not using the words positive and negative in the way you may think. So for the sake of this blog, don’t think of positive as good, and negative as bad. Just think of them as two different sides of an equation.

            Moving on……

            Think about all of the features CATZneedham offers as one side of the equation. Great coaching and program design, concise and easy-to-follow nutrition consulting, a very knowledgeable Physical Therapy staff, and a very professional massage therapy and laser hair removal center.  Now, think about your life, and all of its entities as the other side of the equation.  Do these two parts of the equation balance out?  If not, then you are most likely using the services at CATZ as way to bring yourself back to balance, or in this case, optimal health. If they do balance each other out, then you are living a healthy, well-balanced life, and I’m jealous.

            Lets think about the program design at CATZ in terms of its chemistry. Building a strong exercise program is one of the most important aspects of training in general. Bad design can lead to injury, imbalances, and deficiencies in strength, power, endurance, or speed. CATZ however, is very attentive to keeping everything in balance by providing a variety of workouts consisting of exercises and sequences that promote improvement in all of the previously mentioned areas of training.

            Nutritionally, I think we can all agree that we need to eat better to rid ourselves of deficiencies and any other issue we may encounter along the way.  Most people don’t eat right at their own admission, and it is because of that why having the nutrition service at CATZneedham is so important.  The major theme of the nutrition planning is that eating absolutely perfect is not sustainable, nor is it enjoyable. On the flip side, eating nothing but junk is not going to do you any favors either. We need BALANCE! CATZ Nutrition helps you build good chemistry (balance) between eating in a way that is very healthy, and moments where having a treat are ok too.

            I am going to assume you know why Physical Therapy is so important, but if you don’t, here we go.  Whether you’re rehabbing an injury, or trying to prevent one from happening, PT at CATZneedham is here to help. For instance, if you are having knee pain, it would be beneficial for to see our PT staff to make sure that knee pain does not escalate into hip pain, then back pain and so on. Making consistent trips to see Laura will enable you to stay in balance, while also getting your recommended daily allowance of singing and dancing too!

            Lastly, lets look into what you are more familiar hearing when it comes to chemistry; the chemistry between people, or in this case the CATZ staff. We are a very dynamic group with many different personalities and strengths, which inevitably balances each other out giving you the great product you experience on a regular basis at CATZneedham.

            So, if you grew up hating chemistry and never wanted to see it again, realize now that you are a part of it each and every day at CATZ!







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