Patient Scheduling

New Patients

All new patients should be scheduled according to the patient loads at the facility and among the therapists. The office staff works closely with the therapists to establish consistent, efficient scheduling. We accommodate new patients to the best of our ability, with quality of care being our most important consideration. New patients should arrive 15 minutes early to their first appointment and bring the following:

  • Prescription from referring doctor
  • Insurance card or authorization
  • Comfortable clothing
  • The expectation that their first visit will last up to 90 minutes

Guidelines for Evaluations

  1. Workers’ Compensation patients need appropriate authorization before scheduling an evaluation.
  2. Braces – Townsend/Generation 2 braces cost $1200/$1700, respectively. Patients will be billed whatever balance they are responsible for after insurance pays their portion. Patients must bring insurance cards and expect their visit to last 45 minutes. Patients should bring or wear shorts and allow 30 minutes for casting

Follow-up Patients

Patients may be scheduled with their therapist in any available time slot. If you know who your therapist is, we’ll make every effort to schedule you with your assigned therapist. If your schedule does not work with your assigned therapist’s schedule, you may see a different therapist.

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