CATZ FitKidz

The Mission

The mission of the CATZ FitKidz program is to make physical activity and healthy eating an every day habit for children by engaging them in a non-threatening and fun environment.

The Problem and The Solution

It’s a fact: Childhood obesity has been on the rise for the last 30 years.  Statistics show that 1 out of every 3 two to nineteen year-olds are overweight and 70% of those children who are overweight go on to become obese adults.   This is a huge problem that effects everyone negatively in one way or another.  The solution, although a challenge, is simple – increase nutritional awareness and physical activity among our youth.  The benefits of these two lifestyle changes include, but aren’t limited to increased general health, stronger school and testing performance, elevated mood and lower medical expenses.

Who We Are and How FitKidz Started

CATZ is a Sports Performance Center and Physical Therapy Institute in Needham, MA, which serves community members of all athletic abilities.  One element that separates CATZ from your typical gym or training facility is our Diabetes Reversal Program (DRP).   We launched the DRP in January of 2012 with the objective of offering a group of “at-risk” adults the chance to reverse or prevent Type II diabetes through an extensive nutrition, resistance training, and cardiovascular program all done at CATZ.  So far the results have been astoundingly encouraging.

The results from this group sparked the idea to develop and implement a similar program for children who are currently inactive or overweight and who have a strong chance of developing this disease in the future. The program is based on a weekly goal of training hours at CATZ (off-site may also be an option) and weekly meetings with our nutrition manager to strategize the best way to provide beneficial nutrition for the children.  More details of the actual training are given below.

CATZ FitKidz will strive towards changing the way our children approach each day.  Our engaging and experienced coaches are trained to teach each child how to safely and effectively workout as well as how to eat and prepare healthy meals.  Everyone in the CATZ Community from the coaches and physical therapists to the owners and nutritionist is committed to doing anything they can to help change kid’s lives so they can be put in the best position possible to be happy, healthy and successful both on and off the field.

The Training

The CATZ training will combine a balanced variety of game based activities, resistance training and cardiovascular training carried out in a non-combative manner.  All of which will promote goal setting, team work and communication.  In turn, the “FitKidz” will come away with a new sense of accomplishment and confidence that will carry over into their everyday lives.  Our years of experience have assured us that with this combination of athletic activities and our nutritional guidance, a healthier and more energetic lifestyle will emerge.  The affects of this coaching will not only result in better performance on the field for those interested in athletics, but also better performance in the classroom.  Another positive result that studies and our own experiences have taught us is a strong correlation between fitness levels and social comfort.

CATZ Needham is eager and energized to join the movement to fight destructive unhealthy habits and promote physical activity and healthy eating among our community’s youth.

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