The CATZ Story

Since opening its first training center in Pasadena, California in 1996, CATZ has trained hundreds of professional and Olympic athletes. As our reputation spread, we began attracting competitive youth athletes seeking to improve their own performance and reduce their risk of injury.

As more and more young athletes joined CATZ, their parents were drawn to the CATZ phenomenon, too. Mostly 30-50 year-olds with active kids, hectic schedules and growing health concerns, the parents embraced the uplifting, family-friendly CATZ environment. With a unique emphasis on “putting the fun back into fitness,” the world-class CATZ coaching staff successfully helped thousands of parents look and feel better than most had in years.

Parents began asking if there was anything CATZ could do for their “other” children. The non-athletes. The Nintendo-playing couch potatoes. The ones who were afraid to participate. The playground wallflowers with little or no self-confidence. Buoyed by their own success, these parents were willing to invest in their children’s fitness, health, self-confidence and playground participation. So CATZ became a place for families, too.

Today, CATZ is at the forefront of a major trend. The obesity epidemic has had a profound effect on American adults and children. Obesity levels have risen dramatically (along with diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease) in both groups, driven by ignorance, poor nutrition and increasingly sedentary lifestyles. From California to Massachusetts, CATZ is having a positive impact on the obesity problem – one athlete, one kid and one family at a time.

Our programs are scientifically and clinically designed by certified strength and conditioning specialists, certified athletic trainers and physical therapists from the CATZ Physical Therapy Institute. We can improve anyone’s physical fitness, health and well-being.

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