Daily Session 4/11/13

Stretch and Warmup

10-15 minute

Bucket 1: Perform for 4 rounds

Medicine Ball Squat and Press x 15

TRX Row x 15

Sandbag Pickup and Slam x 15

Dolly Tuck x 15

3-way stop and go x 3

Core: Perform for 2 rounds

Windshield Wipers x 10 each side

Reverse Crunch x 15

Toe Touch x 20

Bucket 2: Perform for 4 rounds

Shuffle Hip Toss w/ Medicine Ball x 5 each

TRX Pushup x 10

Dolly Pike x 10

Sandbag Pick up and throw x 10

Bear crawl @ 15 yards, back pedal back x 3 lengths


Sprints @ 75 yards x 8


Front Plank x 1:00

Side Plank x 1:00 each side


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