Daily Session 4/14/13

Warm Up & Dynamic Stretch: 10-20 minutes

Prep: 2 sets

Superman x 15

X Chops (Split Stance) x 15ea

Pick Up & Punch x 15ea

Bucket #1: 3 Rounds

  1. One minute on the Treadmill @ a challenging speed
  2. Spiderman Pushup
  3. repeat treadmill
  4. Squat/Overhead Press with 45 lbs.
  5. repeat treadmill
  6. Upright Row
  7. repeat treadmill
  8. Alt Lunge
  9. repeat treadmill
  10. DB Curl/ Overhead Press
  11. repeat treadmill
  12. Wall sit w/ added weight

Cool Down: static stretch

Home Workout or BW Workout: Complete as many sets as possible in the designated time for each round. Round 1 – 7 minutes; Round 2 – 6 min; Round 3 – 5 min; round 4 – 4 min. Rest 1 minute between sets.

Broad Jump x 5

Push Ups (feet on stool) x 5

Flutter Kicks x 15ea

Conditioning: 30/30’s Run for thirty seconds at 85 – 90% of max and then walk for thirty seconds.

Repeat x 4

Rest 2 minutes

Repeat x 4

Rest 2 minutes

Repeat x 4

This run can be done on a field or track. This run should have no cutting or sharp turns within the 30 seconds of work.

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