Daily Session 4/2/13

Warm Up 5-10 minutes – ride, run row or use multi directional movement patterns

Dynamic Stretch – 5-10 minutes

Prep: 2 sets

dB OH Rev Lunge x 15ea

dB 3-w Shoulder Punches (Split Stance)

Low Level Skater Jumps (control for and landings) x 5ea

Bucket #1: 3 sets 

Med Ball Hip Toss x 8ea (Sq stance)

Med Ball 3-w Slam x 3ea

Med Ball X Chop x 8ea

Med Ball Load & Explode x 4ea

Bucket #2: 4 sets

Elevated Push Ups x 5

Box Jump x 5

Sprint x 2 @ 20 yards (75% of full speed & walk return)

Bucket #3: 3 sets

dB Bench Press x 15

Dolly Walk @ 15 yards x 1 Lap

Pull Up x 15

Conditioning: Can be done between buckets at the end of the workout or by itself, for it’s very own workout.

1. 120’s x 8 – (make each 120 in less than 20 sec.; Rest 45 sec between reps x 2 sets

rest 2 min between sets

2. Hollow Sprints (100 yards long in 20 yard increments) x 4 reps

rest 30 sec between reps

rest 2 min between sets

Cool Down: Static Stretch

*remember to consult with your physician before you start any exercise program.






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