Daily Session 4/28/13

Warm Up 5-10 minutes – ride, run, row or use multi directional movement patterns

Dynamic Stretch – 5-10 minutes

Prep: 3 Rounds

MB Shot Gun (SS) x 8ea

MB Squat & Scoop toss x 8

MB SL Hip Toss x 8ea

push up x 10

sit up x 10

forward run to back pedal @ 10 yards x 4

Bucket #1: 4 Rounds

Dolly Walk x 1 lap @ 20 yards

Broad Jump x 1 Lap @ 10 yards

dB Chest Press x 15

Bucket #2: 3 Rounds

dB Split Squat & Shulder Press x 15ea

Airdyne Bike Sprint x 40 sec

dB Rev Fly x 15

Home Workout: Complete 3 Rounds. Perform each exercise for 1 min. Rest 20 sec between exercises. Rest 2 min between rounds.

Bicycle Crunch

SL Butt Buner (switch half way)

Hip Lift (alternate double and single legs)


High Knee Run in place (sprint)

Conditioning Workout:

Work Period         Rest (jogging)    % of HR Max       Reps ea

5 s                                    25 s                                  100%                       10

Rest                             2 min

5 s                                    25 s                                  100%                       10

Rest                              2 min

5 s                                    25 s                                  100%                       10

Cool Down: Static stretch on the ground

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