Daily Session 4/6/13

Warm Up 5-10 minutes – ride, run row or use multi directional movement patterns

Dynamic Stretch – 5-10 minutes

Prep: 3 sets

Jump rope x 150

OH Stick Squats x 20

Pick Up & Punch x 15ea

Workout: Perform 5 sets of the following exercises with no rest. Rest 1:30 sec between sets

dB Split squats x 15ea

dB Front Raise x 15

dB Side Lunge x 15ea

dB upright row x 15

dB farmers walk @ 20 yards x 2 laps

Cool Down: Static Stretch

Home or Body Weight Workout: 5 Sets. Perform each exercise for 1 min. Take 30 sec rest between exercises.

Scissor jumps

plank hold

1 leg RDL

air plane push ups

medball fig 8

Conditioning: rest is a 1:1 ratio between reps. Rest between sets is 3 min

300 yard shuttle x 3

200 yard shuttle x 2

100 yard shuttle x 4

Enjoy & Stay Active!

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