Daily Session 5/21/13

General Warm Up & Dynamic Stretch: 10-20 minutes

Prep: Partner (P) Style  – 3 Rounds

P1: Jump Rope

P2: Split stance (SS) Alt. Shoulder Pres x 10 ea arm & 20 Mountain Climbers ea leg

In between each round perform the following exercises:

push ups x 5; (on knees) opp arm/leg x 10ea; Windshield Wipers (WW) x 10ea

Bucket #1: 2 Rounds

Wall Ball x 30 & 1/4 mile run

SL Pistol Squat x 15

Wall Sit x 1 min

Bucket #2: 3 Rounds

dB Squat & Swing x 10

Pike Push Ups x 10

Box Jump x 10

200 yard Hill sprint x 1

Big Finish: Inch worm x 5; Runners Stretch x 5; Quad Stretch x 5ea (hold each stretch for 8 sec)

Home Workout: Complete 5 Rounds. Take 1-2 minutes rest between rounds

SL Pistol Squat x 15 ea

Pike Push Up x 15

Jump Rope x 100

Split Stance (SS) Alt Shoulder Press x 15ea

Squat and Swing x 15

Conditioning Workout: 

1/2 mile run x 1

1/4 mile run x 1

Complete 2 Rounds. Take 3 minutes rest between rounds. Use a 1:1 ratio of work: rest between reps.

2oo yard hill sprint x 4

repeat after rest.






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