Daily Session 5/6/13

Stretch and Warmup

10-15 minutes

Dynamic Prep: 2-3 rounds

Alternating Toe Touch x 15 each

Situp x 20

Mountain Climber x 25 each

Bucket 1: Perform for 3 rounds

Shuffle-Shuffle @ 5 yards to sprint-sprint @ 25 yards x 3 laps

Pick up and Press x 8 each

Squat Jump x 16

Dumbbell Gunslinger x 16

*1/2 mile run

Bucket 2: Perform for 4 rounds

Dumbbell Chest Press x 16

Explosive Pushup x 8

Hurdle Crossover x 8 each

Ladder Drills x 4

*1/2 mile run

Bucket 3: Perform for 4 rounds

Bench Hops x 8 each

Inverted Row-Alternating Grip x 8 each

Golf Squat x 8 each

Single Arm High Pull x 8 each

*1/2 mile run

Cooldown and Stretch

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