Daily Session 5/8/13

Stretch and Warmup

10-15 minutes

Dynamic Prep: Perform for 3 rounds

Spidermans x 15 each leg

Pike to Hip Drop x 5

Mountain Climber x 5 each leg in round 1

x 10 each leg in round 2

x 15 each leg in round 3

Run 25 yards with shuffle return between each Mountain climber round

Conditioning: Perform for 4 rounds

B-Drill x 4

Pushups x 4 in round 1

Pushups x 8 in round 2

Pushups x 12 in round 3

Pushups x 16 in round 4

40 second intervals-Perform for 4 rounds

1) Ladder Station

High Knee Run, Sprint back

High Knee Run every other square, Sprint Back

Lateral High Knee Run, Shuffle Back

Lateral High Knee Run every other square, Shuffle Back

2) Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Punches

Dumbbell X-Chops (Outside)

Dumbbell Forward Shoulder Punches

Dumbbell X-Chops (Inside)

3) Plate Push

4) 1/4 Turkish Getup

1/2 Turkish Getup starting from a sit

Full Turkish Getup

*Repeat B-Drill Station with Lunges in place of Pushups


Split Squat Holds

x :20 each leg

x :40 each leg

Cooldown and Stretch

10-15 minutes


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