Daily Session 6/11/13

General Warm Up: 10 minutes

Dynamic Flexibility/Mobility: 5 minutes

Prep: 2 Rounds

Pick Up & Press (SS) x 10ea

Light dB (SQ) T’s & Y’s x 8ea

Conditioning: 70% of full speed

Skater (stick landing) x 5ea to Fwd Run w/easy BP return x 6

Bucket #1: 3 Rounds (perform each exercise for 40 sec with 20 sec rest between exercises)

Airdyne Bike Sprint

1 arm dB High Pull (switch half way)

Golf Squat

Bucket #2: 3 Rounds x 8 reps each

Box Jumps

dB Pile Drivers

dB Sit Ups

Conditioning: 200 yard Shuttle Run (Rest 2:1 work:rest Ratio) x 4

Bucket #3: 3 Rounds

dB Gun Slingers x 8

dB Water Buckets x 8ea

dB Rev Lunge

SL Med Ball Chest Pass x 8ea

BF: Split Squat Holds x 1 min each

Cool Down: Static Stretch with stretching strap

Home Workout: Complete 3 Rounds. Each Exercise is performed for 40 sec. 20 sec rest between each exercise

dB Pile Driver

Pick Up & Press 

Skater Jumps

SL Med Ball Fig 8 (switch half way)

dB Rev Lunge

Conditioning Workout: Airdyne Bike Intervals. Complete 4 Rounds

40 sec rest/20 sec sprint x 4

2 min Rest bouts





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