Daily Session 6/18/13

Stretch and Warmup

10-15 minutes

Dynamic Prep: Perform from 10 reps each to 1 rep each


Reverse Lunge

Shuffle-Shuffle @ 5 yards to sprint @ 25 yards

Bucket 1: Perform for 3 rounds

Box Jump x 10

Overhead stick squat x 15

Dumbbell squat and swing x 20

Bucket 2: Perform for 3 rounds

Sumo walk with overhead tricep extensions x 1 lap

Dolly circles x 10 counter clockwise x 10 clockwise

Dumbbell water buckets x 10 each arm each leg

Bucket 3:Perform for 1 round

300 yard shuttle

Plank Hold x 1:00

Situps x 60

Bucket 4: Perform for 1 round

200 yard shuttle

Side Plank (right) x 1:00

Leg Lift x 40

Bucket 5: Perform for 1 round

100 yard shuttle

Side Plank (left) 1:00

V-sit x 1:00


Move the Mountain with 3 items- bring each item 25 yards and return x 1

Cooldown and Stretch

10-15 minutes

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