Daily Session 6/21/13

General Warm Up: 5-10 minutes (Use various athletic movements: shuffles, skips, high knees, back running, carioca, etc)

Dynamic Flexibility/Mobility: 5 minutes (quad s, side lunge, fig 4, knee hugs, pick up & reach)

Conditioning: 2 mile run either before or after workout

20 -20’s (20 total exercise and perform each one 20x [lunges are 20 ea leg, x chops 20ea, etc])

1. Wall Ball

2. Push Ups

3. X-chops

4. Hurdle Hops

5. Reverse Lunges

6. Crazy 8’s (pass an item fig 8 style through legs while in a v-sit)

7. Dolly Tucks

8. Shoulder Punches

9. Tricep Kick Backs

10. Squat Jumps

11. Mountain Climbers

12. Pick Up & Punch Press

13. Sit Ups (wt’d)

14. Gun Slingers

15. Chin Ups

16. Dolly Rollouts

17. Burpees

18. Prone Rows

19. Golf Squat

20. Plate Push @ 20 yards (1 lap = 2)

Cool Down: Static Stretch


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