Daily Session 6/26/13

Warmup and Stretch


Dynamic Prep

Partner 1: MB Shotgun-Square Stance x 10 each

MB Hip Toss-Split Stance x 20 each

MB Overhead Taps-Single Leg x 20 each

Partner 2: Lateral Shuffles

Partner 1: MB Lateral Side Toss x 5 right, 5 left

Partner 2: Sandbag Shuffle with squat thrusters

2 Groups

Shuffles-Planks with sandbag

X-Box- Plank Hold

Bucket 1:

Dolly Pike x 16

Spiderman x 8 each

Reverse Pushups x 16

Pickup and Reach x 8 each

Side Lunge x 8 each

Big Finish:

Partner 1: Wall Sit

Partner 2:

Bearcrawl x 1 lap, Forward up, backwards back

Broadjump x 1 lap

Lungewalk x 1 lap

Sprint x 1 lap

Cooldown and Stretch

10 -15 minutes



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