Daily Session 6/27/13

General Warm Up: 5-10 minutes

Dynamic Flexibility/Mobility: 5 minutes

Dynamic Prep: Perform for 3 rounds

Jump Rope x 75

Mountain Climbers x 50 each

Rope Slam x 25

Intervals: :15 on, :15 off for 2:00

Sprint @ 25 yards, Jog @ 25 yards

Bag Push @ 25 yards, Bag Flip @ 25 yards

Bike Sprint, Bike Jog

Jumping Jack, Burpee

Bucket 1: Perform for 4 rounds

Water Buckets x 8 each

Gunsling x 8 each

Load and Explode x 8 each

Bow Saw x 8 each

Flutter Kick while holding dumbbells overhead x 25 each

*Repeat Interval Training for :30 on, :30 off for 2 minutes

Bucket 2: Perform for 3 rounds

Blastoffs x 8 each leg

Broad jump x 8

Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift x 8

Dumbbell Seated Twist x 25 each

Cooldown and Stretch

10-15 minutes

Home Workout: Complete each bucket for as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

Bucket #1

Jump Ropes x 75

Skater Jumps x 10 ea

Water Buckets x 10ea

Load & Explode x 10ea

Bucket #2

Jump Rope x 75

Scissor Jumps x 5ea

DB seated twist x 10ea

SL BB x 5ea

Conditioning Workout: Intervals

1. 15 sec of work/ 15 sec of Rest  for 2 min 

2 min rest

2. 10 sec of work/10 sec of rest for 3 min

3 min rest

3. 20 sec work/20 sec rest for 4 min

Cool Down: Static Stretch


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