Daily Session 6/9/13

General Warm Up: 10 minutes

Dynamic Stretch: 5 minutes

Prep: 2 Rounds

Star Squats x 5

Star 2ft Hops with Turns x 5

Upper Body Star Touches w/Push Ups x 5 (do push up after each lap of touches)

Bucket #1: 3 Rounds

Broad Jump x 3 to Sprint x 4 Laps

Air Plane Push Ups x 6ea

SL Squat x 10ea

Bucket #2: 3 Rounds

X Box Agility Run (10 yards) x 4

Pick Up & Reach x 10

dB Squats x 10

Dolly Tucks x 25

SL 4 way MB Hip Toss x 5ea

3 way Shuttle Run x 2 (cone @ 5yds is shuffle shuffle; cone @ 15 yds is Sprint to BP;Cone @ 25 yds is Sprint Sprint)

Cool Down: Foam Roll & Static Stretch

Home Workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

Star Squats x 5

Upper Body Star Touches w/ Push Ups after all 5 touches x 5

Sumo Walk x 10 steps each

5 Broad Jumps

Conditioning Workout: 2 Rounds

300 yard Shuttle x 3 (Rest 2:1 work:rest ratio)

rest 2 min

200 yard Shuttle x 3 (Rest 2:1)

rest 2 min

100 yard Shuttle x 3 (2:1)

Rest 4 min and repeat the sequence in reverse order.


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