Daily Session 7/23/13

General Warm Up: 5-10 minutes of athletic movements

Dynamic Prep: 2 rounds

Upper Bridge with shoulder Taps x 10ea

Lower Body Bridge x 25

Mountain Climbers x 10ea

Jumping Jacks x 25

Bucket #1: 3 Rounds

dB Pile Driver x 30 sec

Burpee x 30 sec

Shuffle Shuffle Sprint x 4 laps

Bucket #2: 3 Rounds

dB Gunslingers x 10

Pike Push Ups x 10

Step Up x 10

Big Finish: Split Squat Hold x 1 min each leg

Home Workout: Complete 3 Rounds of each of the following buckets. Perform each exercise for 30 sec, 40 sec and then 50 sec for the third round. Rest for 30 sec between each exercise and 1 min between rounds.

Bucket #1

Upper Body Bridge – Up Up Down Down

dB Sumo Squat Hold

Mountain Climbers

Bucket #2

dB Step Ups

Pike Push Ups

Scissor Jumps

Conditioning Workout: 

Shuffle Shuffle Sprint @ 25 yards x 4 Laps

rest 1 min

repeat x 3 laps

rest 45 sec

repeat x 2 laps 

rest 30 sec

repeat x 1 lap

Rest 2 min

Repeeat but in reverse order.

Cool Down: Static Stretch




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