Daily Session 7/29/13

General Warm Up: 5-10 minutes

Dynamic Flexibility/Mobility: 5 minutes

Prep: 3 Rounds

dB Pick Up and Reach x 15ea

OH Stick Squat x 8

Mountain Climber x 20ea

 Bucket #1: 4 sets

dB SA Snatch x 5ea

Box Jump x 10

Med Ball Slam x 15


– Cariaco for 10 yards to a 10 yard sprint x 3ea (70% full speed)

 Bucket #2: 3 sets

dB Incline Alt. chest press x 12 ea

Bear Crawl for 15 yards (forward) with a jog return x 4

Sumo Walk with OH Tricep Ext. x 1 lap at 15 yards

Box agility drill x 8 (use a combo of all movements

Like shuffels, sprints, BP, etc)

Bucket #3: 2 sets

SL Alt dB Shld Press x 15ea

Russian twist x 15ea

Push ups x15

Pull Ups x15


Conditioning: Intervals

5 sec on/25 sec off (@ 85-90% HR max) x 25

repeat 2x with a 3 min break between each set

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