A Note From the Director

Dear Prospective Patient,
Getting our patients to lead or return to an active lifestyle is our mission at CATZ Physical Therapy Institute in Needham, MA. We first began seeing patients in June of 2010, after many athletes at our Sports and Performance Training Center were in need of the right physical therapy care. With a a functional, comprehensive, and personal approach to rehabilitation, our patients leave CATZ PTI in their best physical condition, and ready for activity.    
The guiding philosophy at CATZ PTI is that the body is best treated as one integrated system. We begin each initial evaluation by completing a total body assessment. This includes analysis of their personal histories and screening for posture and abnormal gait patterns. Then we develop a personalized treatment plan. At CATZ PTI, we work in tandem with our patients to create the best rehabilitation plan to fit their goals and time constraints. 
Another defining element of CATZ PTI is our shared location in a multi-purpose wellness facility. Our unique facility better allows us to provide functional rehabilitation through the use of our large, open turf and free-weight area. The open floor plan lets patients watch our athletes of all levels and abilities exercise with certified trainers throughout their treatment. This motivating and engaging atmosphere is the perfect environment for patients to progress through physical therapy and get back to their active lifestyle.   
My name is Laura Hurley and I am the Director of Physical Therapy at CATZ PTI. I have worked as a physical therapist for the past 12 years. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Certified Ergonomic Analysis Specialist (CEAS). I have run 12 marathons, including 7 Boston Marathons. I know from experience what it takes to get your edge back after an injury or surgical procedure! I look forward to being a resource for your physical therapy needs. Please consider a visit to our facility to meet me and the rest of my dynamic staff. I also welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation. Let us show you the winning formula at CATZ PTI. Your body will thank you later. 
Laura Hurley, MSPT, CSCS, CEAS
Director of Physical Therapy, CATZ PTI     

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