Training Philosophy


From professional athletes competing for world championships to kids on local sports teams, CATZ helps elevate everyone’s game.

Here is how CATZ helps:

CHAOS Training™
A field of sport is a field of chaos. It is dynamic and continually changing as the relative position of the offense and defense and ball or puck constantly moves. An athlete is required to adjust on the fly, reacting to visual cues and verbal cues. Great athletes not only react to this dynamic situation, but learn to anticipate where the play is going and beat their opponent to the ball. CATZ works to lessen the reaction time by training the athlete to respond quickly to movement and sound.

Developing Athleticism
Athleticism is a combination of strength, power, coordination, flexibility, balance, agility and reactive ability. The athlete will run faster, jump higher, kick harder, throw further, cut quicker and hit harder if these attributes are properly addressed. Only an experienced CATZ coach has the ability to deliver the elements that develop athleticism. The CATZ coach, and his/her commitment to the youth athletes in the facility, is what makes CATZ truly unique.

Train Like Sport™
At CATZ, “Train like sport” is an important concept, and everything we do is aimed at improving performance in the competitive arena. This means that the training must simulate what will actually happen while the athlete is playing. Simply put, exercises need to be dynamic with gravity, ground reaction and momentum playing a major role. We also must utilize full body movements in all three planes of motion and focus on task-oriented exercises. We must react and respond to visual and audible cues with accuracy and speed. If we include all of these variables, we know we have a good start on a training program that will translate into enhanced performance. This method has not only proven to be extremely effective but also fun, safe and exciting which helps to keep athletes motivated to train consistently.

Train Movement, Not Muscle
To be an athlete, one must not only play a sport but also learn to develop athleticism. This can be achieved through proper movement training. In fact, faulty movement patterns as a result of the stress of competition can lead to injury. CATZ athletes learn a foundation of proper movement patters that allow them to transition to a higher level of training and build upon a foundation of strength and power.

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