Daily Session 3/18/13

Warm Up & Dynamic Stretch: 10-20 min

Prep: 3 sets

scissor jumps x 5ea

mountain climbers x 10ea

Jumping Jax x 20

Bucket #1: 4 sets

Shuffle Shuffle Sprint x 3 laps

SL pick up & punch x 10ea

dB front raise x 10

dB lat raise x 10

Bucket #2: 3 sets

dB chest press x 10

staggered push ups x 5ea

Load & Explode x 5ea

move the mountain x 1 (5 items)

Bucket #3: 2 sets 

band chins, swimmers & rows x 10 ea

prone bench jumps x 10ea

Cool Down: static stretch for 5-7 min

*remember to consult with your physician before you start any exercise program.


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