What to Expect

Adults say they’ve never experience fitness quite like this.

The energy is palpable.  It helps you feel good down to your toes.  It makes you want to move.  Best of all, it makes you want to reach for the things that matter most.  Performing at your highest level.  Getting and staying healthy for life.  Achieving your goals.

Here’s what to expect with our Adult training programs –

• Unique athletic workouts – Customized programs – from beginner to advanced – for your age, fitness level and goals.

• Individual attention – Our low athlete-to-coach ratio allows us to work closely with you, so you get the greatest benefit.

• Trained and certified coaches – Our coaches are certified strength and conditioning specialists who have undergone rigorous training in the CATZ methodology and who have trained elite athletes in many sports.

• Varied workouts – Always fun. Always motivational. Always safe. And always different.

• Results-driven training – Whether you’re a beginner, an avid amateur or a competitive pro, we’ll train you to look and feel like an athlete. How? Through highly personal, small-group sessions with an experienced certified strength and conditioning coach.

• Guaranteed results – We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the results of our training program. If you are not completely satisfied, we refund your money – no questions asked!
It’s no secret.  The key to a better life is to be more physically fit, stronger, and more flexible.  And we can help.  Just call CATZ today.  Then prepare to look and feel great!

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