Daily Session 4/29/13

Stretch and Warmup

10-15 minutes

Bucket 1: Perform for 3 rounds

Sandbag Pushups with flip x 6 each

Star Squat with hop x 5

Crunches x 100

Bucket 2: Perform for 5 rounds

Dumbbell Incline x 9

Inverted Row with Supinated (Underhand, Palms up) x 9

Dolly Tuck with Pushup x 9

Ring Hop with Squat x 9

Bucket 3: Perform for 5 rounds

Tire or Box Jump x 9

Rope Slams x 18

Dumbbell Pile Driver x 18

Dumbell Water Buckets x 9 each

Conditioning: Perform 8 times

Ladder runs (formely known as a suicide) @ 10, 15, 20, 25 yards

:90 rest in between

Big Finish: 

1 mile run

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