Daily Session 4/20/13

Warm Up 5-10 minutes – ride, run, row or use multi directional movement patterns

Dynamic Stretch – 5-10 minute

Prep: 4 Rounds. Place two cones 10 yard apart, each round increase the number of laps by 1. (Ex: Round 4 should be 4 Laps of each exercise)

Bear Crawl 1 Lap

Spiderman Walk 1 Lap

Lunge Walk 1 Lap

Workout: Round 1 perform as shown. Round 2 perform exercises in reverse order. Round 3 perform exercises for odd numbers starting at 11 and going down. Round 4 do the exercises in reverse order with odd numbers going up.

No Rest Between Exercises. 

After completing each round run for 2 minutes as fast as you can.

Rest 2 Minutes between rounds.

12 x Inverted Rows

8 x Push Ups with alternating circles at the bottom

4 x Side Lunges

2 x Burpees

Home Workout: Perform each exercise for 40 seconds. Complete 5 rounds.

Band Rows, push ups, single leg squat (40 sec each leg) and scissor jumps.

Conditioning Workout: run for 2 minutes as fast as you can. Mark how far you went after the 2 minutes is up. then rest for 2 minutes. Run for 2 minutes and try to beat the distance you traveled previously. Do this 10 times.

Cool Down: Foam Roll or Static Stretch

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