Daily Session 4/5/13

Warm Up 5-10 minutes – ride, run row or use multi directional movement patterns

Dynamic Stretch – 5-10 minutes

Prep: 3 sets

Opp Arm/Opp Leg x 15ea

Butt Burner x 8ea

Rev Push Ups x10

Ladder Drill – High knee run 1 foot every box to run x 4

Bucket #1: Set 1 is 24 total reps of each ex.; Set 2 is 16 total reps; Set 3 is 8 total reps

Golf Squat


Dolly Tucks

Intervals x 4 (20 sec work/10 sec rest)

Bucket #2: 4 sets

Water Buckets x 10ea

Sumo Walk & Curl x 1 lap @ 15 yards

Box Jump x 5

Cool Down: Static Stretch

Home or Body Weight Workout: 15-20 minutes of as many rounds as possible

Rev Push Ups x 5

Butt burner x 10ea

Iso Seated Towel Row Hold x 30 sec

Mountain Climbers x 10ea

Conditioning: 2 sets with a 3 min rest between sets

5 sec on/15 sec off (@ 85-90% HR max) x 25

Enjoy & Stay Active!

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