Daily Session 3/16/13

Warm Up & Dynamic Stretch for 10-20 minutes

Prep: 3 sets (rest 15-20 sec between ex’s/rest 40 sec between sets)

dolly pikes x 15

TRX Row x 15

SL Squat x 15ea

Ladder patters x 7

Bucket #1: 4 sets (30 sec rest between ex’s/1 min between sets)

Blast offs x12 ea

Med Ball Side Slams x 12ea

Pike Push Ups x 12

dB Squat & Swing x 12

Bucket #3: 5 sets (no rest between ex’s)

plate push @ 20 yards x 1 lap

windshield wipers x 10ea

Med Ball Hip Toss x 10

Walking Lunge x 10

cooldown: static stretch

*remember to consult with your physician before you start any exercise program.

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